Head quartered in the village of Wick, South Gloucestershire, Épure operates across a diverse range of clients in many sectors of the construction industry.

With a wealth of experience, predominantly within the new build residential housing sector, we are able to offer a sustainable and commercially viable design solution utilising modern technologies.

Epure Design carefully evaluate each and every project seeking to understand and underpin the project requirements, establishing them early on to ensure that the clients receive the right solution for their project.

About Us

Proven Delivery

Épure delivers a comprehensive high value technical design solution to its clients utilising proven in-house delivery practices. The Épure technical team are equipped to consistently plan, design and deliver projects on time and on budget. We are experienced in delivering a wide variety of projects to our clients ranging from small and simple to large and complex.

We pride ourselves on consistently exceeding our customers’ expectations. Whether by saving costs or adding value, we always strive to deliver something extra.

Expert Knowledge

Épure Design have exceptional knowledge and experience in an extensive range of construction technologies and the processes involved, helping to ensure that informed decisions can be made and complex problems solved faster and with reduced risk to the client.

We continually evaluate past and present performances and are proactive in implementing new techniques and processes to maintain our high standards and also to stay one step ahead of our competitors.

Project Approach

Épure Design approaches every project in the same way by establishing the client’s requirements and objectives and having a full understanding of the deliverables early, which in turn will achieve a successful project.

We maintain an open and cooperative partnership with our clients and fellow design consultants to ensure that relationships are built and project output is enhanced by all.

We believe that every project is unique and needs to be treated individually—resulting in in-house procedures being adjusted to suit each client’s specific needs.